Who We Are

" Called to be a Healing Presence "

Who We Are

Medical Mission Sisters, who are known as Society of Catholic Medical Missionaries, was founded in 1925. It is an international, apostolic, religious congregation of pontifical right.

It began with Dr.Anna Maria Dengel who followed her heart and believed in a God who helped her to “be for others” in the ways they needed most.

We participate in the healing mission of Christ in the Church and follow Christ in this mission by the profession of simple public vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience for life.

From the very beginning our mission was all about ‘Life and Healing’. Healing is essentially a way of life “in which we recognize that our humanness is being drawn by God into wholeness”. It includes passion and compassion; reverence for all at every stage and age of life; an abiding concern for the Earth and all the life that she sustains; right relationship with others, irrespective of their faith, race, nationality or world view; solidarity with those who are poor in their longing for justice; and selfless care for those who need us most.